Coffee and Tea
right to your doorstep

Witts whole coffee beans are of the highest quality from the best farms. These are carefully selected and visited by us, to ensure that the quality and handling of the beans are exactly as it should be.

Teministeriet (known as 'That Scandinavian Tea') offers incredible beautiful and tasteful tea series, that speaks to all of your senses and looks good in your home as well.

High Quality

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience true quality coffee and tea both. That is why we have committed us to not only supply you with the best espresso machines and tea brewers, but also deliver the coffee and tea to match.

We focus on quality at every stage of the process to ensure you a great and fresh cup of coffee and tea every single day. This applies right down to the selection of the right bean, to the transport from the farm, to the storage, roasting and roasting profile.

The brewing is up to your taste.

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